Ductwork and envelope leakage diagnostic, impact analysis and improvements in an airport control tower

Purpose of the work

In an air traffic control tower, conditions for thermal comfort are crucial as the task of air traffic control requires high level of attention and vigilance. Comfortable conditions must be guaranteed all the time especially during extreme periods. Therefore, the HVAC system of a control tower is always composed by two, possibly three, identical air handling units, functioning in full redundancy.

Public-private partners cure IEQ woes at young elementary school.

Describes the indoor air quality remediation of a US elementary school. The school was in a poor state, with very high humidity levels due to steam from the boilers infiltrating walls and crawlspaces and roof leaks. Cockroaches and birds had entered the building. Leaking chemical drums were found in the basement. There were high rates of respiratory illness and absenteeism. The remediation included eliminating extensive mould in the wall cavities, repairing roof leaks and adding a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.