Performance and Costs of Air Sealing and Ventilation Measures for Home Decarbonization in the US

In order to get to scale and rapidly decarbonize the energy use of homes, we need information on the performance and costs of potential home upgrade measures. The costs for different performance levels are vital for energy savings and decarbonization program planning and to focus R&D activities on measures that could achieve significant cost reductions. This study obtained data from over 1,700 projects that aimed to achieve advanced levels of energy use and related carbon emissions reductions.

Urban recreation: energy efficient retrofit for carbon zero and socio-oriented urban environments

Appropriate strategies to reduce energy consumption, increase Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration within local urban ecosystems are the higher priorities towards low carbon cities. In this context urban canyons (UCs) -conceived and investigated as a whole consisting of the buildings blocks and the related open areas- represent the core of the search for new intersections between energy issues and urban dwellers.