Reducing thermal discomfort and energy consumption of Indian residential buildings: Model validation by in-field measurements and simulation of low-cost interventions

The study proposes and compares low-cost strategies to improve the quality of existing building stocks, with special regard to a widespread Indian residential typology. A dynamic energy model of this particular local building typology was simulated with Energy Plus software and validated by comparing it with some original in situ measures, recorded by hourly step. The validated model was used to simulate a selection of low-cost and technically simple interventions, whose effects on the energy performance and indoor comfort were compared to the baseline case study.

Ventilation strategies for the deep energy retrofit of a kindergarten

The scientific literature often reports example of educational buildings with extremely poor ventilation performance. An in-field investigation for the environmental and energy assessment of a kindergarten in Milano, confirmed that operable windows were not operated when the average daily temperature dropped below 14 °C, jeopardizing indoor air quality and kids learning performance.