Energy Poverty Map: Online Survey System of the Indoor Environmental Quality for Energy Poverty in South Korea

As the energy poverty cannot afford the energy expenditure, their indoor environmental quality (IEQ) was affected by diverse problems from low energy efficient residential buildings. Thus, it is important to identify IEQ of energy poverty`s residential buildings to improve their well-being. However, there is no specific and diverse data on the IEQ of energy poverty in low-income housing in South Korea due to the difficulty of reaching many households and managing an amount of survey data.

Indoor air and environmental quality in social housing dwellings in Australia

This study aims to assess the indoor thermal and environmental quality of low-income households in New South Wales, Australia. It adds evidence-based findings on the performance of residential buildings and contributes to improving the indoor environmental quality of social housing. The research presented in this paper involved subjective and objective evaluation of indoor air and environmental quality.