ECA 23: Ventilation, good indoor air quality and rational use of energy

The aim of this report is to provide information and advice to policy and decision makers, researchers, architects, designers, and manufacturers on strategies for achieving a good balance between good indoor air quality (IAQ) and the rational use of energy in buildings, available guidelines and assessment techniques on energy and IAQ, significant trends for the future with implications for IAQ and the use of energy in buildings; and an indication of current research issues.

New european project on advanced concepts for SUstainable Building RETrofit (SUBURET)

The scope of the program SUBURET is to develop tools and design methods for advanced retrofit, to demonstrate successful retrofit concepts and to perform a technical and social evaluation.

Energy efficiency and IAQ - Simultaneous improvements in relocatable classrooms.

The aim of that study was to demonstrate the potential to design buildings that can simultaneously improve indoor environmental quality along with a reduction of energy. In that order 4 energy-efficient relocatable classrooms were designed and constructed, each equipped with two different HVAC systems (heat-pump air-conditioning system and an energy-efficient indirect/direct evaporative cooler). Results are presented.

Comparison of window performances.


The North American experience.