Dust in the duct.

Aerosols indoors: deposition on indoor surfaces.

Interest in aerosols in the indoor environment has increased as a result of interest in fine particles in the urban environment and their health effects, and how indoor air concentrations and settles dust levels depend on the main variables, su

The Southampton survey on asthma and ventilation: humidity measurements during winter.

As part of a collaborative trial on the effects of ventilation on house dust mites and asthma, 20 mechanical ventilation units were installed in houses in the Southampton area in southern England. The hypothesis is that continuous ventilation over winter months can maintain humidity below a mixing ratio of 7 g/kg, with a consequent reduction in house dust mite numbers. The systems served upstairs only, extracting from bathroom and landing and supplying fresh air to bedrooms.

Ventilation - essential for our health.

What is the relationship between ventilation and allergy? What is the significance of the increased incidence of house dust mites? And what part does ventilation play in relation to the Sick Building Syndrome? With the support of the Swedish Council for Building Research, Jan Sundell has presented a doctoral thesis in English on this subject.