Dust and the sick building syndrome.

Mechanical cleaning of non-porous air conveyance system components.

NADCA Standard 1992-01 is the first standard governing air conveyance system cleaning to be finalized by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and its Standards Committee. This Standard generally addresses the mechanical cleaning of air conveyance system components composed of non-porous materials. Standard 1992-01 is intended to provide a voluntary performance standard which cleaners and building owners may wish to consider in determining the requirements for specific cleaning projects, and which can ensure certain minimum cleaning results on particular cleaning project

Dirty ventilation needs an airing.


Determination of k-factors of HVAC system components using measurements and CFD modelling.

Indoor air quality, comfort and energy use in buildings are largely dependent on the performance of HVAC systems. However, the pressure loss factors available to the designer show large discrepancies depending on the source of the data. In particular there are very few data regarding the effect on k-factors of interactions between duct components in close proximity. This paper describes measurement and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of pressure loss in HVAC system components. The results were compared with those data given in the ASHRAE and CIBSE guides.