Case study of energy diagnosis simulation of VAV AHU system controls

Advanced control and operation of HVAC systems in buildings is one of the most promising energy efficient technologies. However, there is still significant energy saving potential in these systems. Energy savings can come from correcting deficiencies through building commissioning. This paper focuses on deficiencies in the controls of a variable air volume (VAV) air handling unit (AHU) system. This paper demonstrates how DeST, a building simulation tool, is used to detect faults and to optimize set points in VAV AHU system controls.

All year heating and cooling load analysis for small hotel buildings in Guiyang city China

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou province in southwest China, located in the Mild Climatic zone in China. With the economy booming in recent years, the energy consumption in heating and cooling buildings in Guiyang continues to increase. This paper presents a computer simulation study using DeST software package, which is broadly used to simulate building energy consumption in China.

Dynamic simulation of atrium thermal environment aiding building design

Atrium is becoming a popular common space in commercial buildings nowadays. In planning the thermal environment and air-conditioning system for an atrium, it is necessary to calculate a cooling load for the occupied zone and to predict the vertical temperature distribution. Besides, the thermal environment varies with time, so dynamic thermal environment analysis, including prediction of vertical temperature, is required. The building design process of the atrium consists of several different stages.


The summer natural wind environments inside an airport terminal building under two cases aresimulated by the method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in this paper. The two cases havedifferent opening areas for glass curtain wall. Case 1 has the opening ratio of 10% while Case 2 has30%. The paper also uses DeST to simulate the annual natural temperature distribution under twokinds of opening ratio in a whole year.