In recent years, as a supplement for conventional large-scale power generation system, distributedenergy resources (DER) system has got more comprehensive attention. This is based on the visionthat future electric power system will not be built solely as centralized systems as they are today. It alsohelps to reduce the amount of transmission losses and grid investments. One possible alternative tothe traditional paradigm is the microgrid (?Grid), a localized network of DER system matched to localenergy demands.

A tale of four cities: the potential for achieving thermal comfort using natural ventilation in high rise buildings in four Asian cities.

This paper briefly outlines the development of a design tool for ascertaining thermal comfort in high rise buildings in the tropics. The design tool, based on wind tunnel studies and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations, was then applied to four cities in the tropics: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Can thermal comfort be achieved using solely natural ventilation? The overall conclusion was that natural ventilation alone cannot generally provide thermal comfort in high rise buildings in the tropics.