The new ISO 9972 and use in Denmark

For approx. a year ago, the following was submitted to the Certification Committee, and no response is still seen. Especially the problem of the pressure at which Pa the measurement should start is seen as a criticism, and yet it has not been possible to find a reasonable explanation for the change.

Dear committee at ISO 9972,

I miss an explanation, of the change that came from EN 13829 to ISO 9972

Trends in national nearly zero energy building approaches

This paper presents some first approaches for the national application of the nearly zero-energy building definition according to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive by summarising the current plans of Germany, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. As a contribution from a 5th country, the planned national energy performance requirements of Switzerland for the phase from 2018 onwards were included. It was also analysed whether any of the countries will set specific requirements to the air-tightness of NZEBs and if there are specific requirements for ventilation techniques