Preliminary analysis of French buildings airtightness database

Pushed at first by the labels backed onto the 2005 French energy performance (EP) regulation, and later on by the 2012 energy performance regulation, which imposes envelope airtightness requirements for any new dwellings, and pulled by a growing interest for low-energy labels, an important market transformation is observed in France on envelope airtightness measurement.

Daylighting information throughout Europe using the SATEL-LIGHT and SODA internet servers

The Satel-Light Internet server provides to designers and engineers daylight information which was previously unavailable. It is based on a database of daylight and solar radiation, covering Western and Central Europe, which was produced as part of a European project called SATELLIGHT. This database has been computed from the images produced by the Meteosat satellite. Thus it has an excellent spatial resolution (every 5 km on average) and an excellent temporal resolution (every 30 mn).