Validation of a Simplified Model Predictive Control of a Low Exergy Embedded Heating and Cooling System

Powerhouse Telemark is a low carbon plus energy project in Porsgrunn, Norway. The building is currently in a commissioning phase, but with most of the building under normal operation. The heating and cooling of the building is primarily done by a low temperature radiant floor heating system which is reversed in summer and used for high temperature cooling. The low temperature heating is provided by a geothermal heat pump and the high temperature cooling is provided by free cooling from the energy wells.

Modelling and monitoring summer performance of Beaufort court

This paper reports a study of a unique system that integrates many renewable energy resources to achieve zero CO2 emission for building services for the head office of a company specialised in renewable energies. A dynamic thermal model was developed to simulate the summer cooling using both design criteria and recorded data. The monitored data acquired by the Building Management System (BMS) were also analysed with the predicted results to assess thermal performance of the system.