Development of protocol for sub-metering for ventilation models and verification for shopping centres

Shopping centres are complex buildings with specific needs. The use that different areas are put to affects energy consumption, whereas the different functional patterns and stakeholder groups influence energy use. They are also associated with specific requirements that make it relevant to consider different types of performance indicators.

Reviewing legal framework and performance assessment tools for residential ventilation systems

The field research project MONICAIR indicates that ventilation systems that fully comply with Dutch building codes show large differences in their IAQ-performance in habitable rooms during heating season and do not always achieve acceptable IAQ-levels [lit.1]. The results indicate that there are considerable differences in the actually achieved air-exchange rates per person during presence in habitable rooms. System averages on CO2-excess doses per heating season (an indicator for the duration and the amount of the excess above 1200 ppm CO2) vary from 68 to 349 kppmh per person.