Heat Recovery Hybrid Ventilation System With a Thermal Storage

A “heat recovery hybrid ventilation system” is the combination of passive stack ventilation and mechanical push-pull ventilation. Two heat storage boxes are connected to the natural EA stack and the underfloor natural OA duct. The alternation is done periodically in a way of that the outdoor air is drawn through one of 2 boxes contains earth tiles and the indoor air is exhausted through the other box.

Analysis of a PHDC (Passive and Hybrid Downdraft Cooling) Experimental Facility in Seville and its Applicability to the Madrid Climate

The potential application of Passive and Hybrid Downdraught Cooling to residential buildings is explored using an experimental facility constructed and tested in Seville, Spain. The experiment was devised as a prototype of the downdraught evaporative cooling system for the Nottingham University entry to the 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe competition.