Multizone contaminant dispersal analysis using an element assembly approach.

An element-assembly formulation of multi-zone contaminant dispersal analysis theory is described. In this approach a flow system is idealized as an assemblage of mass transport elements that model specific instances of contaminant mass transport in the flow system. Equations governing the mass transport phenomena modeled by each element are expressed in terms of contaminant concentration variables, the nodal concentration variables, that approximate the contaminant concentration at discrete points, the system nodes, in the flow system.

Development of an efficient control algorithm for a multizone constant concentration tracer gas air infiltration measurement system.

A constant concentration tracer gas (CCTG) measuring system needs a control algorithm to calculate, at each sampling time, the required tracer gas injection rate to keep the gas concentration at a target level. A new control algorithm is presented here in full detail. Practical considerations concerning modifications to take into account the physical limitations of the CCTG system and the computing of the optimal control parameters are also presented.

The BERG condensation model.