Ventilative cooling strategies to reduce cooling and ventilation needs in shopping centres

Because of the customer need of best possible comfort condition and satisfaction, shopping centers are conditioned by means of basic HVAC systems, often without considering the potential of natural ventilation to contribute to air change rate, and to reduce the cooling demand. Mechanical ventilation systems are also preferred to natural ventilation because more controllable and reliable since they are not affected by the uncertainty of natural forces.

Strategies for exploiting climate potential through ventilative cooling in a renovated historic market

Nearly all retail locations use ventilation and cooling systems to ensure adequate air exchange for health reasons and indoor comfort temperatures. These systems can run for over 2,000 hours per year and we expect that average operating hours will continue to rise across Europe because of the continued trend towards longer opening hours and increased number of opening days. Shopping malls often enclose large open spaces and atria with high solar and internal gains that can drive ventilative cooling.