How Accurate is our Leakage Extrapolation? Modeling Building Leakage Using the Darcy-Weisbach Equation

This study used a mathematical model to explore the accuracy of extrapolating multi-point blower door test results down to lower pressures at which building infiltration usually occurs naturally.  The mathematical model was applied to leaks of five different widths.  The leakage of the five different widths was then combined in different distributions to simulate total building leakage.  The calculated total building leakage was then compared to an extrapolation from the test pressures using a power law curve fit.

Energy and financial impact of poor air tightness in existing residential buildings

The improvement of air tightness in existing residential buildings could be triggered from the desire for better indoor comfort conditions and the expected reduction of cost for space heating. While the improvement of comfort sensation could not be easily understood from the building owner, the reduction of cost for space heating is much easier.

Blower door tests of a group of identical flats in a new student accommodation in the arctic

A new student accommodation for engineering students “Apisseq” was built in the town of Sisimiut, Greenland in 2010. Its purpose is not only to provide accommodation for students. Thanks to its complex monitoring system it enables researchers to evaluate the building’s energy performance and indoor air quality (IAQ) as well as performance of some single components. In summer 2012 a blower door test was performed on all 37 living units out of which 33 are identical single room flats and 4 are larger double room flats.

The use of a sampling method for airtightness measurement of multifamily residential buildings - An example

Large buildings can not always be tested as a single pressure zone. In Europe, different approaches have been proposed concerning the choice of representative parts of the building (sampling method) and the compliance check in situations, when several parts of the building have to be tested separately. The preliminary Czech standard TNI 73 0330 defines a sampling method, as well as subsequent treatment of results and compliance check procedures for multifamily residential buildings. This contribution reports the results of a trial test of TNI 73 0330 method.