Effect of ventilation on mould growth in a Japanese bathroom

This paper investigates the effect of ventilation on mould growth in a typical Japanese bathroom byuse of the fungal index which indicates the growth rate of a mould, Alternaria alternata S-78. Thebathroom was set in an artificial climate where the temperature and relative humidity (RH) werekept constant. The temperature, RH and fungal index in the bathroom were measured under severalventilation methods after taking a bath.

Before you start renovating your bathroom.


Moisture control in bathrooms.

A systems approach to spot ventilation.

The house is a system. The house is a system. The house is a system. It's becoming one of those phrases that is thrown about the construction world like overcooked pasta. But what does the phrase mean? Where does the system begin? Where does it end? What are the relationships between the components? And does It make any difference?

A study of control strategies to improve indoor air quality with outdoor air in winter in Taiwanese apartments - demonstrated by a design for a bathroom.

Dampness in residential buildings is detrimental to the health of the occupants and causes the growth of mold and decay in the fabric of the building materials. In Taiwan the average winter relative humidity is 80% and the average temperature is 15°C (59°F). It has been found that the average winter indoor moisture content in Taiwanese apartments can be higher than the outdoor content by as much as 15%. Although the main cause for the increased indoor humidity levels has not been identified, removing the moisture generated from shower baths can help reduce the humidity.

A study on the control strategies to improve indoor air quality with outdoor air - demonstrated by a bathroom design.

Poor indoor air quality caused by poor ventilation was indicated from field measurements in apartments in Taiwan. Four strategies of employing thermal buoyancy effect, dedicated air flow pattern, transom and spatial connection control are proposed to improve indoor air quality by removing indoor pollutants with outdoor air. To prove the concepts, a bathroom design based on the proposed strategies is presented by numerical simulation using 11 computational fluid dynamics code.