Automated instrumentation for air infiltration measurements in buildings.

Describes automated instrumentation using sulphur hexafluoride as a tracer gas in residential housing to determine rates of air infiltration in houses. Discusses in detail the principles of operation, necessary calibration procedures and early field data. Concentration levels of SF6 are maintained at the partsper million level in the buildings and are measured by sensitive electron capture detectors in conJunction with a gas chromatograph.

An automated controlled-flow air infiltration measurement system.

Presents description of an automated, controlled-flow air infiltration measurement system. This system measures total air flow, a volume per unit time, due to infiltration in a test space. Data analysis is discussed and the mixing problem analysed. Different modes of operating the system are considered : (1) concentration decay, (2) continuous flow in a single chamber and (3) continuous flow in a multichamber enclosure. Problems associated with the use of nitrous oxide as a tracer gas are described.