Investigation of the Usage of Ground Source Heat Pump System on Wall Heating

Wall heating systems are more preferable heating systems than other conventional systems due to their low temperature operating ranges. These systems are equipped with heating serpentines or panels where the water is circulated and the serpentines are mounted on the walls of rooms. Ground source heat pump systems are todays one of the useful renewable energy based heating systems.

State of the Art of Double Skin Facades in Europe The results of WP1 of the BESTFAÇADE Project

The project BESTFAÇADE accumulated the state of the art of double skin façades in seven European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Sweden). 28 façades of different buildings in all partner countries of BESTFAÇADE have been

Cost-Effective Requirements Levels for Energy Performance of Buildings in Lebanon

This paper presents the energy and economic analysis used to determine cost effective requirementslevels to the thermal standard for buildings in Lebanon. The heating and cooling energy use fordifferent buildings types (18 buildings) according to the variation of envelop parameters was simulatedfor realistic cooling and heating schedules and five Lebanese climatic zones. Parameters investigatedincluded, construction type, insulation levels, window sizes and solar protection. The energysimulation program VISUAL-DOE.3 was used for the energy use simulations.