Laboratory dust loading test method of exhaust air terminal devices.

Loading of ventilation components with dust may affect air handling systems performances andcontribute to poor indoor air. A lot of standardised test method for ventilation componentscharacterisation - filters, fans, heat exchangers, extract air terminal devices etc. - exist but allthese methods describe initial performance determination except for filters which are alsocharacterised by dust loading test.The aim of our study was to define a laboratory dust loading test method of extract air terminaldevices and to validate results comparing to on-site results.

Velocity distribution in a room ventilated by displacement ventilation and wall-mounted air terminal devices.

The article describes experiments with wall-mounted air terminal devices. The airflow from an air terminal device influences the occupants' thermal comfort and, therefore, it is important to develop an expression for the flow in the occupied zone. The velocity at the floor is influenced by the flow rate to the room, the temperature difference and the type of diffuser. The flow is stratified at Archimedes numbers larger than four. The article gives expressions for the velocity distribution close to the floor.