Calculation of turbulent flow for building ventilation by means of jet profiles with regard to wall influences

Basis of this work was the question of the formation of air flows in ventilated test rooms with regard to wall influences. In order to determine the effects of the room geometry and the air inlet angle a on the airflow a jet which was placed just below the ceiling was observed in symmetrically designed test rooms. Since there is a correspondence between measurement and CFD simulation, velocity vectors are extrapolated from the CFD simulation and analysed for different geometrical data.

Intermodel comparison of air flow through large openings.

In order to evaluate the accuracy of COMIS predictions for large openings,and to study its sensitivity, two tests have been performed. In the first test, COMIS is used together with four existing multizone air flow models to calculate natural ventilation in a building for various climatic and opening configurations. In the second test, COMIS predictions are compared with single-sided ventilation measurements taken in test cells. The results of the tests are reported.