A commissionable air barrier system for the building envelope.

Since the mid 70's, the construction industry has made significant advances in energy conservation and improved indoor conditions. These improvements, however, are shadowed  by an increase in building envelope problems to include water penetration, condensation on and in roofs and exterior walls and cladding damages in many of our newer buildings; These problems have been attributed to uncontrolled air leakage.

Rigid air barrier assemblies

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) gave the mandate to Petrone architects to prepare a designer and builder guide to describe the methods for installing rigid air barriers on building walls. The goal here is to demonstrate that it is possible, in a simple and effective manner, to respect the requirements of the National Building Code 1995 as pertains to maximum permeability of air barrier systems. The work done by the firm over the last twelve years made it possible to implement air tight systems in over fifty buildings in the Montreal area.

Air sealing in low-rise buildings.

EASE demonstration project: APCHQ s advanced house