Thermostat/Hygrometer vs ANN-Based Predictive/Adaptive Environmental Control Strategies

This study tested the feasibility of employing artificial neural network (ANN)-based predictive and adaptive control logics to improve thermal comfort and energy efficiency through a decrease in over- and under-shooting of control variables. Three control logics were developed: (1) conventional temperature/humidity control logic, (2) ANN-based temperature/humidity control logic, and (3) ANN-based Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) control logic.

Advanced control for intermittent heating

For the heating of buildings occupied on a discontinuous basis, intermittent heating control devices are used. This article presents one which incorporates advanced automatic control techniques (predictive temperature control and adaptation of the internal model). The results obtained are compared with those achieved using standard control devices. They are validated on the installation used to determine the initial settings and on slightly different installations in order to compare their robustness with respect to the various characteristics of the heating loop and of the building.