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Belgian/Flemish evaluation scheme for ventilation systems

Since many years, several monitoring studies have shown that the quality and compliance of installed ventilation systems can be low. The recently developed Evaluation scheme in Belgium tries to tackle this problem, thanks to the mandatory Ventilation Performance Report of all new ventilation installations, to be delivered by a Ventilation Reporter recognised by a Third-Party control organisation. This factsheet describes the approach of this scheme, including the penalty scheme and the role of the actors involved.

Quality framework for reliable fan pressurisation tests

Airtightness performance of the building has a significant weight in the Belgian EPB-calculation and the number of pressurisation tests in new buildings is strongly increasing. To face the potential lack of tester’s skills and to ensure a reliable value, a quality framework has been achieved according to which testers have to pass an exam and could be controlled. This factsheet describes the relevant quality framework and its context.

Register now for the AIVC workshop on IAQ metrics


The AIVC workshop: “Is ventilation the answer to indoor air quality control in buildings? Do we need performance-based approaches? will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 14-15 March, 2017. The event aims to identify the pros and cons of performance-based approaches and metrics that can be considered to assess the indoor air quality (IAQ) performance of ventilation systems, as well as to draft guidelines for their use in standards and regulations. 


Confirmed presentations & speakers include:


March 2017-AIVC workshop-Call for speakers on IAQ metrics

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) is organising a workshop entitled "Is ventilation the answer to indoor air quality control in buildings? Do we need performance-based approaches?" to be held on 14-15 March 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.



14-15 March 2017, Workshop, Brussels - Is ventilation the answer to indoor air quality control in buildings? Do we need performance-based approaches?

Indoor exposure to contaminants should be minimized to avoid adverse health and comfort effects. Experience shows that this qualitative statement is difficult to translate into measurable terms, such as performance indicators or metrics, which can be used as a basis for defining and assessing requirements in regulations and standards while holistically reflecting indoor air quality. The simplest and most commonly used approaches rely on ventilation airflow rates determined by experts or codes.


3-7 July 2016, Conference, Ghent - Indoor Air 2016

The 14th international conference of indoor air quality and climate -Indoor Air 2016 will bring together the whole indoor air and climate community. The technical programme will be fostering multi-disciplinary collaboration, workshops, interactive poster sessions, short courses and social media discussions. It covers all research related to indoor air quality and climate: from health effects and epidemiology to source and airflow fundamentals over every possible effect that modifies both and the exposure in between.


10-11 May 2016, Conference, Brussels - 3rd QUALICHeCK Conference

The 3rd QUALICHeCK Conference wil take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 10-11 May 2016. The conference will cover, among others: