Presentations & speakers:

  • Introduction. Peter Wouters (AIVC, Belgium) & Carsten Rode (IEA-EBC Annex 68, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
  • Can the TVOC-sensors be used for ventilation control? Nadja Lynge Lyng (Danish Technological Institute, Denmark)
  • Q&A part 1
  • MOS VOC sensors’ properties and suitability for DCV control: analysis based on laboratory measurements. Jakub Kolarik (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
  • Q&A part 2
  • VOC vs. CO2 controlled DCV: A case study. Jelle Laverge (Gent University, Belgium)
  • Q&A part 3

More information on this event, including the slides of the presentations, can be found here.