Presentations and Speakers:

Presentations - Part 1

  • EBC and National Research Priorities in the Netherlands by Daniël van Rijn, EBC Executive  Member for the Netherlands 
  • EBC Annex 70:  
    • Energy Epidemiology: A New Best Practice Building Energy Model Report Guideline by Dr Ian Hamilton
    • Meaning for the Netherlands by Prof Laure C.M. Itard 
  • EBC Annex 71: Quantifying the Thermal Performance of the Building Fabric based on Smart Meter Data by Prof Staf Roels, Dr Christian Struck and Twan Rovers
  • Q & A moderated by Daniël van Rijn

Presentations - Part 2

  • EBC Annex 78: Supplementing Ventilation with Gas-phase Air Cleaning by Prof Bjarne Olesen 
  • EBC Annex 79:
    • Do Occupants Matter? Comfort and Occupant Behaviour as Relevant Drivers for Building Energy Performance by Prof Andreas Wagner
    • Significance for the Netherlands by Peter Op 't Veld
  • EBC Annex 75:
    • Cost-effective Building Renovation at District Level Combining Energy Efficiency & Renewables by Dr Manuela Almeida
    • IEA EBC Annex 75 Subtask D: Policy Instruments, Business Models & Stakeholder Dialogue by Dr Erwin Mlecnik
  • Q & A moderated by Daniël van Rijn and summary

More information on this event, including the slides of the presentations, can be found here.