In 2008 a series of Ventilation Information Papers (VIP 17 to VIP 27) were published detailing the “Trends in the building ventilation market and drivers for changes” for 10 countries.

Regulations have however evolved a lot in most countries since then.

The aim of this new VIP series is to get an update on the current regulations in European countries regarding ventilation (another series of VIPs is at the same time in preparation and will deal with building and ductwork airtightness).

For the ventilation status, the proposed points of attention in addition to the points treated in old VIPs are: non-residential buildings (schools, offices, commercial buildings), in situ ventilation system performances, ventilation system inspection, a subsection about the influence of the Covid19 crisis. Very relevant for the new VIPs is the substantial interest in ventilation in the EPBD revision and the mandatory part about inspection. Also, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, new research, standardisation and regulatory programmes have been initiated to make sure cross contamination in indoor environments is better controlled in the future.