13 April 2021, Webinar – Big data, IAQ and ventilation – part 1

The Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) in collaboration with IEA EBC Annex 86 organized a workshop consisting of a series of four webinars on:


8 April 2021, Webinar – IAQ and Ventilation Metrics

The AIVC in collaboration with IEA EBC Annex 86 organized a workshop consisting of a series of four webinars on:


CR19: Indoor Air Quality Design and Control in Low-Energy Residential Buildings - EBC Annex 68 | Subtask 4: Current challenges, selected case studies and innovative solutions covering indoor air quality, ventilation design and control in residences

The objective of Subtask 4 in the IEA EBC Annec 68 was to integrate knowledge and results from remaining Subtasks and present them in the context with current knowledge. The focus of the Subtask 4 was on practitioners dealing with ensuring high Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in modern low-energy residences, the demands and challenges they meet during daily work. This especially includes architects and ventilation designers, facility managers, property developers and employees of public authorities. This publication is a result of Subtask 4’s work.

VIP 40: Ductwork airtightness - A review

Ventilation Information Paper no40 "Ductwork airtightness - A review", aims to complement Ventilation Information Paper VIP 01 “Airtightness of ventilation ducts”. It provides a literature review of the work performed since 2003 in the field of ductwork airtightness. Its objectives are to provide information on:


VIP 37: Impact of Energy Policies on Building and Ductwork Airtightness

This Ventilation Information Paper analyses both the policy instruments used (regulatory requirements and incentives, specific programme requirements, quality frameworks for testers and builders) and the changes observed in practice in terms of building and ductwork airtightness over the past 5 years, using as reference mostly publications from AIVC and TightVent led events. Although we have not restricted our literature review to specific parts of the world, the majority of the publications we found come from Europe and the USA.

VIP 35: Ventilative Cooling. State-of-the-art review executive summary


This report summarises the outcome of the work of the initial working phase of IEA ECB Annex 62 Ventilative Cooling and is based on the findings in the participating countries.

New publication of the EBC Annex 52 / SHC Task 40: ‘Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Net-Zero Energy Buildings’

A new  publication was released in the framework of the International Energy Agency's Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) Programme and the Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) Programme through the joint SHC Task 40/EBC Annex 52: “Towards net zero energy solar buildings”.

The report aims at assisting designers in optimally using simulation tools for Net ZEB design. It includes advanced modeling techniques as well as detailed case studies. In particular, it:


IEA EBC releases its annual report of 2014

This report presents an overview of progress made by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Implementing Agreement on Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme, including summaries of new, ongoing and recently completed projects.

The IEA-EBC Programme is an international energy research and innovation programme in the buildings and communities field. It enables collaborative R&D projects among its 26 member countries. It provides high quality scientific reports and summary information for policy makers.