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Volume 13: 2014-2015

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 13, 2014-2015

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 13, 2014-2015

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This paper presents a study of the potential for the use of natural ventilation systems in Portuguese multi-family residential buildings under winter climatic conditions.
residential buildings | natural ventilation | hybrid ventilation | airflow rates | thermal losses | thermal comfort | indoor air quality
Focusing on the turbulence in natural ventilation and its impact on both occupant thermal comfort and building energy consumption, this paper presents a review of existing unsteady natural ventilat
natural ventilation | turbulent dynamics | Proper Orthogonal Decomposition | stochastic estimation | CFD | wavelet analysis
As a novel air distribution system, diffuse ceiling ventilation combines the suspended acoustic ceiling with ventilation supply.
diffuse ceiling | thermal comfort | indoor air quality | design chart
Methods of manipulating building envelope wind pressure distributions for application in the natural ventilation of high-rise buildings are presented using computer simulation methods.
CFD | CONTAM | validation | high rise buildings | pressure distribution | flow resistance devices
The PerFluorocarbon Tracer (PFT) method is a low-cost approach commonly used for measuring air exchange in buildings using tracer gases.
ventilation measurement | errors | tracer gas | PFT | long term sampling
Releases of airborne chemicals can rapidly affect wide areas, leading to exposures that may adversely affect public health.
ventilation strategies | emergency preparedness | emergency response | chemical emergencies | public health | shelter-in-place.