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Volume 13: 2014-2015

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 13, 2014-2015

The International Journal of Ventilation, Volume 13, 2014-2015

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Air change rate is often used as an important characteristic of indoor environmental quality, which significantly impacts human health.
tracer gas | air exchange rate | dry ice | carbon dioxide | decay method | steady-state method
In typical Chinese commercial kitchens, the large amount of heat and moisture that is generated must be removed. The ventilation and energy consumption rates can be huge.
capture efficiency | air curtain ventilation | kitchen ventilation | calculation techniques | Indoor thermal environment
This paper reports an investigation into the ability of the air supply in non-unidirectional cleanrooms to aid recovery from episodes of airborne contamination, and minimise airborne contamination
cleanrooms | airborne contamination | ventilation effectiveness | air change effectiveness index | decay rate.
Night ventilation has been applied successfully to many passively-cooled or low-energy office buildings.
night ventilation | offices | comfort | Building Typology | Climate Zones
The thermal comfort of the “Home for Life” dwelling in Denmark, the “LichtAktiv Haus” in Germany and “Sunlighthouse” in Austria is investigated with a particular focus on the control strategies and
thermal comfort | ventilative cooling | residential buildings | natural ventilation | solar shading | Active House
According to researchers, climate change is inevitable in the 21st century.
single family building | building performance simulation | night ventilation | climate change | Mediterranean | Greece