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AIVC 2019 Conference - Recorded presentations on airtightness

INIVE eeig, 2019
AIVC 2019 Conference | airtightness | TightVent | AIVC | venticool
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Selected presentations focusing on the topic of airtightness, given during the 40th AIVC - 8th TightVent & 6th venticool Conference “From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate - 40 years of AIVC” held on 15-16 October 2019 in Ghent, Belgium.


Presentations & Speakers:


  • Airtightness and energy impact of air infiltration in residential buildings in Spain (Irene Poza-Casado, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)
  • Assessment of long-term and mid-term building airtightness durability: field study of 61 French low energy single-family dwellings (Bassam Moujalled, CEREMA, France)
  • New findings on airtightness measurements of very airtight buildings and apartments (Stefanie Rolfsmeier, BlowerDoor GmbH, Germany)
  • Deviation of blower-door fans over years through the analysis of fan calibration certificates (Valérie Leprince, INIVE, France)



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