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This section includes AIVC’s collection of Ventilation Information Papers (VIP), technical notes, guides and handbooks, annotated bibliographies, literature lists and contributed reports. If you want to have an overview by series, please click here


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A review of the problems associated with satisfying the wind pressure data requirements of air infiltration models.
Allen C.
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This document is the Italian translation of the AIRGLOSS (AIVC TN 5).
Allen C.
Contains analyses of ten models developed in five participating countries. These range in complexity from 'single-cell' to 'multi-cell' approaches.
Liddament M. W., Allen C.
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The glossary gives the translation (English/German - German/English) of more than 1000 terms related to air infiltration and ventilation.
Allen C.
This internationally applicable guide to airtightness design solutions is of great practical value to anyone wishing to design dwellings with low pollution and energy demands.
Elmroth A., Levin P.
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Air infiltration and ventilation heat loss can account for a substantial proportion of a buildlng's space heating demand.
Liddament M.W.,Thompson C.
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The glossary provides the definition of 700 terms related to air infiltration and ventilation (including formulas). The intention of the document is to promote a more uniform use of terms in the area of ventilation.
Allen C.